Hatha Yoga coach Svetlana Kovalenko

Practicing yoga gymnastics for more than 10 years. Higher education. She graduated from Kherson University with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. The second higher education is “Physical Culture” (Mykolayiv Institute). I was engaged in athletics, I have a discharge in running for short distances. She attended seminars and master classes with Oleg Linich, Andrei Sidersky, Alexander Zatolochny, Tatyana Piven, Pavel Makarin and many other wonderful YOGA gymnasts.
I piously believe that a person comes into this world with the program – To Be Healthy, Happy and Rich (in all respects …)! In the process of life activity, for a number of reasons – other “virus settings” come to the forefront of our life guides, “a system failure” occurs. An antivirus program is needed on the hard drive of our consciousness and subconscious. I teach yoga, I love life in all its manifestations, I constantly improve my professional and individual qualities of a teacher and a person, I learn from everyone who is close. As a pedagogue with a classical pedagogical education, I see the perspective not in teaching as much as possible exercises, techniques or styles, but falling in love, through my personal example, in life, health, in gymnastics of yogas, in exercises … everything else will happen itself On its own, without effort. It’s so important to love what you do and do, what you love !!!

Complex "For protection from heat"

Комплекс «Для защиты от жары»

Andrei Vladimirovich Sidersky called this complex “Overheat protection”. There are three options for the complexity of this complex. This is an easy option. For beginning practitioners. Performed in Yoga23FiT mode [DE] – Deep Energy Mode …

Yoga and hormonal health video lessons

Йога и гормональное здоровье

The first part of the seminar “Yoga and hormonal health”, where we consider stress hormones, their effect on the whole body and ways to prevent the depletion of the adrenal glands and lower the level of sex hormones. Unfortunately we

Two complexes "Yoga Athletic"

Два комплекса «Yoga Athletic»

Two short complementary complexes for working out the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back and legs. They can be performed together sequentially or one at a time. Both complexes have a good athletic effect, combined with personal practice and …

Complexes for pregnant women

Комплексы для беременных

We present to your attention a series of complexes for pregnant women, which consists of three sequences – easy, medium and high levels of complexity. The series is suitable primarily for pregnant women, but also …

Recovery after childbirth video tutorial

5 комплексов для женщин | Восстановление после родов

We continue the series for women and present to your attention a program of 5 short complexes. The series will be useful first of all to girls who are recovering from childbirth, but also will …

Complexes for back and neck

Комплекс для спины и шеи

With regular execution, the complex allows you to relax the neck muscles, helps to eliminate clamps in the spine, especially in the cervical region. With a regular long-term performance, the complex helps to correct even the displacement …