3: Zero, KREST, Yang Qigong Ying style (theory + practice)

3: Zero, KREST, Ян-цигун стиля Йинг (теория + практика)

Andrei Sidersky
Type of Practice: Essential gymnastics
Teacher: Andrey Sidersky
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 120 minutes
Level: Any
Special: Video tutorial

Андрей Сидерский

Theory and practice of the three techniques of the etheric gymnastics: “Zero”, “Yang Qigong Ying Style”, “KREST”. This video is the year 2017. The explanation of the technique with the latest nuances, the analysis of the most popular errors in the implementation.

You’ll get:
– a detailed explanation in the studio of the performance of the Zero technique + the practice of performing
– a detailed explanation of the performance of the Yang Qigong Ying style technique, filmed in the studio, and the practice of performing
– footage in the studio video explaining the technique of performing “KREST” + video execution
– practice of performing all three techniques in a row: “Zero”, “Yang Qigong Ying Style”, “KREST”.
– video of performing a warm-up for hands in front of the on-air gymnastics

“Zero” – psychotronic exercises for developing abilities of volitional psychosomatic autoregulation. A series of five simple exercises that promote the development of practical abilities to turn abstract intentions into specific volitional impulses and to embody them in the conscious construction of the general flow of life circumstances, provided that there is no visible active action. “Zero” should be practiced at noon or in the afternoon, the number of repetitions is determined personally. After “Zero” it is advisable to perform the smoothing technique “Web”. Action series Zero: information-energy and functional regulation at the level of sahasrara-, ajnya- and vishuddha-chakras and corresponding kosh (bodies).

“Yang Qigong Ying Style” – a short complex of traditional Chinese “etheric” gymnastics. Belongs to the tradition of the southern style of Ying. Ying – the mythological name of a mystical bird that burns and is reborn again from the ashes – the eastern analogue of Phoenix. Yang-qigong is a short complex of “accumulative” qigong, intended for restoring the natural reserve, additional accumulation and harmonious distribution of the “etheric” energy “qi” in the human body system. In the Ying tradition, there are several similar complexes. Yang-qigong is the shortest and most compact of them. Longer deployed complexes are also more specialized, as they develop additional skills for implementing the accumulated energy potential. They are intended to a greater extent for those who are professionally engaged in qigong therapy or seriously studying traditional martial arts. To practice long complexes makes sense if the practitioner is deeply immersed in the tradition. The impact of the short complex of yang-chi kung is more general. His practice increases the density of distribution of the “etheric” energy of qi and harmoniously distributes it in the body, but does not develop the skills of its special application. Therefore, a short complex of yang qigong can be used as a highly effective addition to any training and therapeutic practice in line with any traditions and techniques.

The ether gymnastics “Cross” is designed to enhance the high-frequency exchange “ethereal density” between the “center” and the “personal vertical”. Promotes the dense filling of the space and channels of the etheric body with the most high-frequency components of the etheric vibrational structure available to this particular individual. Also helps to suppress and remove from the etheric functional practicing low-frequency vibrations inherent in organic and inorganic pathogenic factors, which makes it impossible for these factors to exist in the human body system. “Cross” – the most “rectilinearly radical”, and, at the same time, the most “sparing” of the whole complex of techniques of dynamic etheric gymnastics. Unlike errors in the performance of other techniques, minor errors in the performance of the “Cross” do not pose a serious danger to the health of the practitioner and the people around him. However, it is advisable to study and master “Cross” under the guidance of a qualified trainer, and use video material as a synopsis.

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