5 complexes for women | Recovery after childbirth

5 комплексов для женщин | Восстановление после родов

Savchuk Elena
Practice Type: Hatha Yoga
Instructor: Savchuk Elena
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 107 minutes
Level: Any
Special: Video tutorial

Савчук Елена

We continue the series for women and present to your attention a program of 5 short complexes.
The series will be useful primarily to girls who are recovering from childbirth, but will also be relevant to all women for home self-practice

The program consists of joint gymnastics, which prepares the body for more complex loads, developing a healthy and mobile body.

We will also perform exercises to stabilize the pelvic bones and strengthen the perineal muscles that normalize blood circulation in the pelvic organs preventing lowering and overstretching of the internal organs.

The series includes three sequences of easy medium and high levels of complexity that will help you gradually increase the load as needed.

So, throughout the day, you can practice both short self-sufficient sets, and in the presence of time, make up of them a full training combining the sequences with joint exercises and other exercises.

The series consists of such complexes:

1. Articular exercises
2. Exercises for stabilizing the pelvis and internal organs
3. Complex of light level
4. Complex of intermediate level (the level of exercises you can see in the screenshots)
5. High-level complex (the level of exercises you can see in the screenshots)

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