Активное дыхание

Vyacheslav Gutsalyuk
Practice Type: Pranayama
Teacher: Vyacheslav Gutsalyuk
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 40 minutes
Level: Any
Special: Video tutorial

Вячеслав Гуцалюк

This is a set of breathing techniques that contribute to the activation of our body at the level of each cell! The breathing of this block awakens and activates the sympathetic department of the autonomic nervous system! This leads to the activation of all the functions, organs and systems of the body, which support a full capacity for work in a waking state! These respiratory elements in small blocks are very logical to perform in the morning as a respiratory system hygiene! With these respiratory actions, it is very right to anticipate a great load both physically and psycho-emotional!

Breathing is a very important energy-forming and vital process of our body! If a person does not eat, live for about a month, will not drink water – about 5 days, will not breathe – 3 minutes! Breathing and food – these are processes that shape our health, our body build, maintain its vital functions, filled with energy and strength! In respect of these processes need to be constantly attentive to rebuild them by themselves, study their function and characteristics, in order to properly maintain a high vitality!
Your attention is offered simple movements that, with regular practice, are able to bring your respiratory component to a high level of healthy functioning!
The first block is the motor-respiratory movement, which develops the activity of the respiratory zones and strengthens them!
The second unit is a set of active respiratory practices that are performed better in the morning or in the evening, before active activity. It consists of hyperventilation breaths, combined with a stretched pause after inhaling or exhaling! These actions activate the neuromuscular, vascular, respiratory function as a whole.
The third block – consists of a set of breathing techniques that are logical to perform in the evening, or after excessive resistive loads: physical, emotional, psychological, stress! They contribute to the overall relaxation and rapid restoration of the functioning of the entire organism at the cellular level!

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