Балансы на ногах

Vyacheslav Gutsalyuk
Practice Type: Hatha Yoga
Teacher: Vyacheslav Gutsalyuk
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 36 minutes
Level: Beginners, Any
Special: Methodological

Вячеслав Гуцалюк

Video techniques that improve the ability to keep balance on your feet. If you are faced with unevenly-worked sides of the body (on one leg to keep the balance easier than on the other), small cramps in the leg when you try to hold on to it for a long time, and if you just want to expand the amount of exercises in your arsenal – then this video for you.

Vyacheslav Gutsalyuk is a very experienced and qualified teacher in yoga. His classes and videos are suitable for the most novice practitioners. He teaches yoga both in classical form, and exercises developed over the years of personal practice and teaching, aimed at solving specific problems, for example, correctly stretch evenly, work out the back or neck, etc. In this video, the exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles to maintain balance on the legs.

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