BOEX – Short Pranayama Cycle | Breathing connection with movement

BOEX — Цикл коротких пранаям | Связь дыхания с движением

Victor Petrenko
Practice Type: Yoga23, Pranayama
Teacher: Victor Petrenko
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 90 min
Level: Any
Special: Training, Methodological

Виктор Петренко

The methodologist and instructor of the coaching courses of the Yoga23 system Viktor Petrenko presented at the marathon as many as two master classes “BOEX – a cycle of short pranayamas”. BOEX is a unique development that you “can not find on the Internet”, so it is highly recommended. And also the logical lecture-practical work on the topic “The connection of breathing with movement: the difference between a gymnast of yogis and physical education”.

What Victor told about his master class:

1. What is the feature of your master class in a marathon?

The main feature of YOGA23FiT modes is the coordination of all actions with breathing. Breath, like glue, ties everything that we do into a single whole stream. In this context, the phases of dynamic transitions between shapes are as important an element of the “flow” as the phases of static fixation. Synchronization of transient movements with breathing promotes an increase in the fluid current, which improves the purification of the intercellular space from the products of the decay of the vital activity of the cells. Since all dynamic movements of the torso are inextricably linked with respiratory movements, an additional intensive study of the entire musculature of the respiratory system takes place. Movement in the transitions, performed on the principle of “wave from the center”, do not allow to dissipate the etheric “density”, which was obtained in the previous figure. All this greatly influences the final effectiveness of the practice process. In this master class, using the example of a simple set of exercises performed in dynamic, static and meditative modes, we will consider various options for performing transient movements. Let’s talk about rhythmic movement and rhythmic breathing. And also about why we use the metronome in practice.

2. What can experienced practitioners learn from themselves? And newcomers?

I will try to make sure that the master class is useful and interesting to everyone without exception. That the “keys” sounded and worked on it helped beginners to make the practice process more conscious, and that they become a worthy replenishment of the accumulated arsenal for experienced practitioners.

3. Which law of nature is most relevant to you in life and why? Law of nature?

Perhaps gravity, gravity. Acting on us at every point of space and time, it forces all the systems of our organism to be permanently organized in a certain way, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. Correct, conscious interaction with gravity contributes to the prolongation of the existence of our “bioskafandra.” Wrong – leads to rapid wear, aging and deterioration of quality of life. Such a hidden tyrant of a planetary scale, under whose yoke are all living beings on Earth.

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