Dynamic articular-tendon training

Динамическая суставно-сухожильная тренировка

Victor Vasilyev
Practice Type: Yoga23, Body Development
Instructor: Viktor Vasilyev
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 81 min
Level: Any
Special: Workout

Виктор Васильев

An example of a dynamic articular-tendon workout.
Workout duration 1, 5 hours.

For the most part, training consists of active and vigorous exercises, which warm the body well and work out all the joints and muscles. It is especially effective in the autumn-winter period, when preparing for the implementation of complex asanas, including when there is stiff joints and weak elasticity of the muscles.

Attention!!! This training video is an example of constructing dynamic warming up training programs and it is not recommended to perform this complex if there are any health problems.

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