Day regenerating complex (YOGA23)

Дневной восстанавливающий комплекс (YOGA23)

Vera Petrovskaya
Type of Practice: Yoga23, Gymnastics of Yogis, Hatha Yoga
Teacher: Vera Petrovskaya
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 20 minutes
Level: Beginner
Special: Yoga for life

Вера Петровская

We present to your attention a completely new series of yoga gymnastics exercises for every day on the YOGA23 system. For beginning practitioners. Vera Petrovskaya is one of the leading instructors of YOHA-studio of Andrey Sidersky in Kiev

The most suitable for performing in the daytime in the conditions of lunch break or breaks between work. Helps to restore strength, feel refreshed and fresh. In addition, the complex contributes to good health and high performance throughout the day. With regular exercise helps to get rid of the syndrome of chronic fatigue, or, if there is none, prevents its appearance.

As usual, this video presents real-time practice and an explanation of the technique of performing hatha yoga exercises in accordance with the principles of the methodological system YOGA23, developed by Andrei Vladimirovich Sidersky.

This complex can be performed throughout the day, but it is in the daytime that its implementation has the most effective effect. The daytime restoring complex is performed with voluntary breathing.

High qualification of the instructor-demonstrator, personal participation of Andrei Vladimirovich Sidersky in the development of the sequence of exercises, as well as clear, concise and understandable comments – all this makes this video an indispensable addition to the practice under the guidance of the teacher – both independent and group.

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