Breath. Pranayama. YOGA Conference 2014

Дыхание. Пранаяма. YОГА Конференция 2014

Victor Petrenko
Practice Type: Yoga23, Pranayama
Teacher: Victor Petrenko
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 122 minutes
Level: Any
Special: Seminar

Виктор Петренко

Breathing during training:

Breathing, as the basis of all bodily-oriented practices.
Biomechanics of the respiratory system. A variety of respiratory movements, performed in all parts of the torso and exercises for their development. Different types of breathing and their functional purpose.
The connection of the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Influence of breathing on psychophysical states.
Rhythmic breathing as a way of affecting the functional of the central nervous system (CNS).

PRACTICE (Andrey Medvedev): a cycle of pranayama and training with different breathing regimes

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