Essential gymnastics «DAGO»

Эфирная гимнастика «DAGO»

Andrei Sidersky
Type of Practice: Essential gymnastics
Teacher: Andrey Sidersky
Language of the video: No comments
Duration: 25 minutes
Level: Practitioners, Teachers
Special: Workout

Андрей Сидерский

Complexes of essential gymnastics YOGA23 (Y23) are designed to enhance the information impact of systemic program practice. The purpose of the complexes of the etheric gymnastics Y23 is the optimization of the so-called “cocoon of consciousness” and a complex of centers and channels of the body, which are responsible for controlling the information component of the human being – his “information matrix”. In the tradition of yoga, these centers and channels became known as chakras (information control centers) and nadi (energy information channels). The etheric-gymnastic part of the methodical system Y23 consists of four main complexes – “Dragon’s tooth”, “Iron Phoenix”, “Zero”, “Eight” and two additional cycles – “Web” and “Tornado”.

DAGO – a specific complex of elementary movements, which is already “outside” of the methodical system Y23. In addition, DAGO also contains a special part, which is absent in the complexes of the etheric gymnastics Y23. This is the technique of “the destruction of energy-information and emotional dependencies and the formation and expansion of the sphere of personal will.” The power of DAGO’s influence on the energy-information component of a human being is much greater than the strength of any other techniques of etheric gymnastics, so it is necessary to handle this complex of movements very carefully and in no case to use it without acute necessity. Experiments with DAGO in order to “just try” can lead a person to a terminal catastrophe.

Please note that there are no comments in the video. Video – just a demonstration of technology. Designed to ensure that the process of mastering technology with an experienced teacher was more productive.

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