Eight gymnastics “Eight” + gymnastics for eyes and kapalbhati

Эфирная гимнастика «Восьмёрка» + гимнастика для глаз и капалабхати

Andrei Sidersky
Type of Practice: Essential gymnastics
Teacher: Andrey Sidersky
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 65 minutes
Level: Beginners, Practitioners, Teachers
Special: Demonstration

Андрей Сидерский

The Eight Gymnastics “Eight” is designed to form a dense protective clot of “ethereal matter” in the region of the frontal “lumen” in the shell of the etheric body. This allows selectively to partially neutralize the impact of impacts of the so-called “rolling force”, which provides both the development of awareness by adding to the structure of the etheric body components modulated by new information, and the approach of death due to the destruction of the etheric body by pulsed bursts of “ether pressure” from within. Even with the proper implementation of the “Eight” can be dangerous, if practiced without the urgent need. If not properly performed, this technique is capable of causing extremely serious damage to both the mental and physical health of the practitioner and those around him. To study and master it is necessary only under the guidance of a qualified trainer. Video material can be used only as a summary and only after the technology is studied and fully mastered.

In this video, there is also a detailed explanation of the techniques “Gymnastics for the eyes” and “Kapalabhati”.

Please note that the video is just a demonstration of the technique. Designed to ensure that the process of mastering technology with an experienced teacher was more productive.

This video is a demonstration of technology. This is a “video-summary” for people who are trained in this technique from a teacher. Before using the techniques of dynamic etheric gymnastics in their practice, it is necessary how to study them and carefully work out under the guidance of a specialist with sufficient qualifications for training them. By improperly performing the techniques of dynamic etheric gymnastics, especially in their short “hard” versions, you can seriously damage your health and the health of the people around you.

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