”ZERO” Essential Gymnastics

Эфирная гимнастика «ZERO»

Andrei Sidersky
Type of Practice: Essential gymnastics
Teacher: Andrey Sidersky
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 30 minutes
Level: Beginners, Practitioners, Teachers
Special: Demonstration

Андрей Сидерский

Series Zero – psychotronic exercises for the development of abilities of volitional psychosomatic autoregulation. A series of five simple exercises that promote the development of practical abilities to turn abstract intentions into specific volitional impulses and to embody them in the conscious construction of the general flow of life circumstances, provided that there is no visible active action. Series Zero should be practiced at noon or in the afternoon, the number of repetitions of the series is determined personally. After the Zero series, you need to perform the smoothing technique “Web”. Action series Zero: information-energy and functional regulation at the level of sahasrara-, ajnya- and vishuddha-chakras and corresponding kosh (bodies).

Please note that the video is just a demonstration of the technique. Designed to ensure that the process of mastering technology with an experienced teacher was more productive.

This video is a demonstration of technology. This is a “video-summary” for people who are trained in this technique from a teacher. Before using the techniques of dynamic etheric gymnastics in their practice, it is necessary how to study them and carefully work out under the guidance of a specialist with sufficient qualifications for training them. By improperly performing the techniques of dynamic etheric gymnastics, especially in their short “hard” versions, you can seriously damage your health and the health of the people around you.

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