Хатха-йога. Старое видео

Andrei Sidersky
Practice Type: Hatha Yoga
Teacher: Andrey Sidersky
Language of the video: No comments
Duration: 187 min
Level: Practitioners
Special: Workout

Андрей Сидерский

Old records of the year 2003. Be extremely careful when using this video. It was filmed before the formation of the YOGA23 system, accordingly, it may contain not quite optimal exercises and a series of exercises.

The extremely simple sequences of classical exercises of yoga gymnastics (asanas) are available, accessible to any individual beginning to get acquainted with yoga practice practice. Despite the simplicity of the implementation, the sequences to a large extent have a specific training, functionally optimizing and psychoenergetic regulatory action, characteristic of yoga gymnastics techniques. A more thorough understanding of the inner essence of practice is facilitated by a soundtrack recorded by Andrei Sidersky.

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