Intensive “Asanas and meditation. Meditation in asanas.”

Интенсив «Асаны и медитация. Медитация в асанах.»

Team of instructors
Practice Type: Yoga23, Yoga23FiT, Meditation
Instructor: Team of instructors
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 105 minutes
Level: Any
Special: Seminar

The recording of the intensive weekend that was conducted by the teachers of yoga studio of Andrei Sidersky – Tatyana Nazemnova and Anastasia Fedorova.

Periodically, in training, the question arises: Are there separate classes for meditation? And if this question is usually voiced, then the opposite to it – and why is it needed? – usually remains in the minds of practitioners. Because the truth is not always clear – why you need to sit still and something abstract “watch” or somewhere “direct” your attention. At this seminar you will learn how this works, why and in what proportions it is necessary, how physical exercises allow activating internal, “subtle” processes. You will also learn how physical exercises themselves become an object of meditation and a powerful tool for controlling attention and behavior of the mind.
Practical part and theory. Based on materials of the YOGA23 technique (YOGA23FiT modes).

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