Intensive for experienced practitioners and professional yogatchers

Интенсив для опытных практиков и профессиональных йогатичеров

Andrei Sidersky
Type of Practice: Yoga of Intentions
Teacher: Andrey Sidersky
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 180 min
Level: Practitioners, Teachers
Special: Master Class

Андрей Сидерский

Record intensity of Andrei Sidersky for experienced practitioners and professional yogatchers.
It was held recently, on November 27 in Kiev.
The intensive training program was compiled on the basis of the latest developments on the “Yoga of Intent”, which Andrei Vladimirovich is currently working on.
In general – the freshest, the most interesting, but very complex, so before you buy – soberly assess your level of fitness by viewing a screenshot and a promotional video.

Description of the event from Andrei Vladimirovich:

“” Do you remember how it all began? Everything was for the first time and again … “

Jubilee training intensity of Andrei Sidersky, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of yogatcher activity.

“In the autumn of 1986, I was invited to the” Forma “cooperative to teach yoga gymnastics in the hall of the secondary school No. 100 in Podol in Kiev. Until that time it was different – sports swimming, scuba diving, dive instructors … Elements of gymnastics of yogis in the OFP, but no more. Yoga was only for myself. My yogatcher activity as such began with the hall of the cooperative “Form”. And it was cool. I just came into the hall and conducted training “from the lantern” – as it was … There were no methodological developments, nor the desire to adapt the exercises “to the client.” There was hatha yoga, which is called “in the stream”. Then there were tough “Ticher” intensities in Chernigov, Tarkhankut, Castropol, Katsiveli, Moscow region, Leningrad region. Many of today’s well-known teachers passed through this “tin”.

In the autumn of 2016, thirty years have passed since the moment when for me, as a yogatischer, “it all began.” In honor of this date I will hold intensive for experienced practitioners and professional yogaticherov “in the spirit of the times” – gymnastics Yogi “as is,” how do I do it for myself – “free flow” of male practice without simplifications, methodical tweaks and concessions.

Required level of preparation: clean the full lotus, a full lotus in the capture, armpit leg, the leg behind your head, two legs behind your head, clean work in the lower rack on his hands and squeezing them, “upper” scorpion “upper” handstand – although Would be at the wall, stand on the head, from the complicated basic deflections – rajakapotasana with capture, bridge with half-lotus, nataradjasana, from twists – classic full matsyendrasana, baddha-parivrta-vatayanasana.”

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