Yoga for a beautiful body (female complex)

Йога для красивого тела (женский комплекс)

Svetlana Andryushchenko
Practice Type: Yoga23
Teacher: Svetlana Andryushchenko
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 20 minutes
Level: Any
Special: Target complexes

Светлана Андрющенко

The instructor of yoga studio of Andrey Sidersky, Svetlana Andryushchenko presented the target complex for women at the marathon. Its goal is to optimize body weight. In a simple way, this complex is for weight loss.

We learn from Svetlana the nuances in the coming struggle with extra pounds.

1. What is the highlight of your master class in a marathon?

Importance of breathing in the process of losing weight. Breathing is the most important function of the human body. Without food a person can live more than a month, without water – a few days, and without breathing – just a few minutes. The main mechanism of losing weight with the help of breathing is in activating and accelerating all metabolic processes in the body. Fat burns with the active participation of oxygen and physical work of low intensity, which causes an increase in the pulse to 120-140 beats per minute. The fatty layer is a conserved energy. She lies under the skin like a log. And that it flared, it must be ignited. For this we use rhythmic breathing. It is important to train hard, at the limit of your abilities, only in this case the fat will be actively burned. The stray and intermittent breathing after training is a sign that your body has had an oxygen starvation, because during the lesson you were not breathing properly. So, the right breathing is the key to success. When performing asanas with rhythmic breathing, lymphatic flow and blood flow starts, the amount of oxygen in the blood increases, and all processes, including fat burning, are accelerated. And also the process of absorbing nutrients in our digestive tract is optimized, metabolism is accelerated, pesticides, toxins, preservatives are released, the level of the stress hormone in the blood decreases.

2. What can experienced practitioners learn from themselves? And newcomers?

Beginners learn about diaphragmatic breathing and together with experienced practitioners can experience an incredible rise in energy and enthusiasm. 3. Which law of nature is most important for you in life and why? What is inside and outside. The world of Mirror reflects us. Our values, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, emotions, actions form the reality in which we live. Therefore it is useless to change something without changing oneself.

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