Yoga for real men + YOGA magazine # 19

Йога для настоящих мужчин + журнал YOГА#19

Konstantin Buriak
Practice Type: Yoga23FiT
Instructor: Konstantin Buriak
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 21 minutes
Level: Beginners, Practitioners
Special: Training, Journal, Target Complexes

Константин Буряк

This complex is designed specifically for training men and bringing the male body to the primary athletic form. Perform the complex is in the morning as a morning exercise at least three times a week. Do not perform this complex more than once a day. Also it is not recommended to perform it to women. If you have health problems, consult an instructor before starting to train on this program.

The complex was designed by Andrey Sidersky.
Demonstrates the complex – Konstantin Buriak.

Also comments on each asana you can read in the electronic version of the magazine “YOGA” №19, the second is presented as a PDF-file in three quality options. In addition to the men’s complex in this issue of the magazine there is still a complex of “STOPmigren”.

This product is a video file and a pdf-file that you can download to your computer by completing the payment procedure.

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