Yoga and hormonal health

Йога и гормональное здоровье

Anna Bezlyudnaya
Practice Type: Hatha Yoga
Instructor: Anna Bezlyudnaya
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 176 min
Level: Any
Special: Master Class

Анна Безлюдная

The first part of the seminar “Yoga and hormonal health”, where we consider stress hormones, their effect on the whole body and ways to prevent the depletion of the adrenal glands and lower the level of sex hormones.

Unfortunately, we are all at risk of problems with the endocrine system. It is much easier to save health than to restore!
Do you need knowledge about how hormones work?
The only question is, do you want to live a life in which the most interesting begins in 40 .. 50 .. 60 .. years? Forget about PMS forever? Improve the menstrual cycle for 1 month? To wake up your libido and get more pleasure from sex?
Deal with weight loss (especially when weight comes and goes no matter how much you eat).
These and many other questions concerning women’s health, we discuss and find practical solutions.

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