Yoga and work in the office. YOGA Conference 2014

Йога и работа в офисе. YОГА Конференция 2014

Team of instructors
Practice Type: Yoga23
Instructor: Team of instructors
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 100 minutes
Level: Any
Special: Seminar

PRACTICE (Taisia ​​Pavlyukova) is the morning of a busy person:

The morning complex of the surrey type for 15 minutes

Theory is a restorative practice for people with sedentary work:

Changes that occur in the human body when sitting at a computer (office table) for a long time;
Means of preventing postural disorders during prolonged sitting;
Gymnastics of yogis (physical activity) as a means of restoring the body after a prolonged immobility of the body;

PRACTICE (Anna Eremina, Sergey Eremin): restoring yoga gymnastics complex according to the YOGA23 method for office workers.

Theory: right rest and daily routine

PRACTICE (Pavel Makarin): evening complex for the prevention of disorders and improving posture

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