Yoga of intention. Master Class Record

Йога намерения. Запись мастер-класса

Andrei Sidersky
Type of Practice: Yoga Gymnastics
Teacher: Andrey Sidersky
Language of the video: Russian
Duration: 224 minutes
Level: Beginners, Practitioners
Special: Master Class

Андрей Сидерский

The recording of the presentation master class of a new development by Andrei Sidersky with the working title “Yoga of Intent”. The event was held last spring, consisted of two parts – for beginners and medium-high level. This is a part for beginners, which was recorded on video. The master class is a presentation of the structure of Yoga23 at the moment, Andrei Vladimirovich tells us where to start and to what in the end he now came that there is a “Yoga of Intent”, why it and what is different from the rest of the Yoga23 material.
Then the complexes from the arsenal of “Yoga of Intent” are executed. A lot of very high quality, interesting complexes for beginners under the guidance of Andrei Vladimirovich.

The video will be useful to those involved, who are interested in the activities of Andrei Sidersky, and teachers who want to diversify their training with new complexes from Andrei Sidersky.

Raja-yoga (supreme, or regal self-control) is a direct and direct conscious control over the activity of the mind by controlling attention. According to Patanjali, the ability to control the activity of the mind arises only against the background of the state of “vairagyam” – “dispassion,” or “inner silence,” which is defined as a combination of detachment, full of inner silence and a halt to internal dialogue. When inner silence is achieved, a person returns to his true nature and becomes a free being, capable of controlling perception. Consciously changing the settings of perception in this state of consciousness, a person changes the world, correcting the probabilistic parameters of the quantum picture of reality. The instrument by which this can be done is called “will.” By application of the will, “intention” is realized-accessible to each of us and at the same time the most mysterious and powerful “magical” force by which human consciousness directly affects reality.

There are many practical ways to develop “inner silence”. It accumulates gradually and from a certain moment “collapses” into consciousness. Each person has his own quantitative and temporal threshold of the practice necessary to achieve this moment – the moment of “enlightenment”.

One of the most effective ways of accumulating and activating inner silence is what is called “hatha yoga”, or “power yoga” – “an intense effort produced for a long time and repeated regularly for a long period” (Patanjali “Yoga- since morning”).

Hatha Yoga – “gymnastics of the wise” – self-control through strength (Skt.) – a gymnastic method of realizing such an effort, invented in ancient times and perfected over the centuries by wise people.

“There can be no success in Raja Yoga without Hatha Yoga, as Hatha Yoga can not be successful without Raja Yoga.
The ignoramuses practicing Hatha Yoga without the goal of attaining Raja Yoga spend their energies in vain. “(Swatmarama” Hatha Yoga Pradipika “)

Andrei Sidersky talks about his new methodical development – the concentrate of more than thirty years of practical application of hatha yoga to achieve the state of raja yoga in the conditions of modern society. The working title of the development is “Yoga of Intent”.

Overview of the principles and the general composition of the method, practical familiarity with one of the twenty-seven “open” training series of the initial level of complexity. Initialization of access to control attention functions, initialization of the channel of control of energy of will, initialization of the field of the functional intent, activation of the function of the “internal screen” and control of the attention field.

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